I would like to thank everyone at Avie’s Ville for making my stay pleasant; I felt at home, all my concerns were addressed in a timely manner.
I will definitely recommend Avie’s Ville Luxury to friends who plan to attend Ross University in the future.Thanks again.

Brookiete Asseres

I lived at Avie’s Ville for four semesters and there’s honestly no other place in Dominica that I would be happy to live at. I have everything here I have at home in the states,and the apartments are very affordable. The landlord is great,the staff is great,the people are so friendly. No complaints.

Stephen Maslak

The place is nice and clean!the secvice is good! That’s why I stayed there for four semesters.

Hieu Luu

Living at Avie’s Ville was a very pleasant experience. There was never a problem and any concerns which were not dealt with promptly. As a medical student with a busy schedule Avie’s Ville was a great option.
Thank you to the entire staff at Avie’s Ville for making my stay in Dominica a pleasant and enjoyable one.

Lenoy Galvez

I enjoyed my stay at Avie’s Ville that’s why I stayed for four semesters, the staff are very nice, stand by generator is a great benefit.
Best wishes to all.

Sean Marquis

Thank you, I enjoyed my stay at Avie’s Ville.

Ashwin Vasudevamurthy

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Enjoy Your Stay with Us!